“…My grace is sufficient for you, for power is perfected in weakness…”

II Corinthians 12:9

My kids are my weak spot and I can sometimes get a little selfish toward them. Some of my greatest memories are when I got them for a little time to myself. When Owen was 12, she went with me on a trip to the Yucatan in Mexico. Eight days with my girl; just her and me doing things together without any other distractions to get between us. Walking down the streets together, eating breakfast, just being together. It is still one of the great things I treasure in this life.

When Mason graduated high school, the two of us went to Scotland to play golf together. An eight day golf-a-palooza. When we weren’t playing, we were eating in pubs with golfers, or looking in golf shops. To cap each day off, we would sit on benches behind the 18th green at St. Andrews and watch others play the last hole. What would be maddening for some was glorious to us and became a memory to last a lifetime.

One of the quirks about traveling out of the country is the power grid. You start thinking about things like how do I charge my phone, or will my hairdryer work (not me, but those with actual full crops of hair – I see you Ryan Smith.)  To solve this, a friend once gave me a James Bond looking kit with all sorts of adapters that appear to be for torture, but what he said were for power outlets in foreign countries. They had probes of all shapes and lengths in number from two to five that were supposed to allow my stuff to work on whatever power was supplied by whatever country I found myself in. Kind of a one current fits all philosophy.

Electricity can be a dangerous thing, yet we need it to supply power to so many of the things we rely on every day. In fact, most of what we use to keep our lives running would be rendered useless without a power supply. We worship the iPhone but fail to pay tribute to the power that truly runs it. Keep using it for a day without plugging it in, and your phone god becomes a paper weight in 12 to 15 hours.

The gods you and I make ourselves out to be aren’t much different than our iPhone or any other gadget. We beat our chests about our exploits while paying no attention to what allows us to accomplish anything in our lives. The straight truth is we are no different than the strands of copper wire you can find in any Home Depot. It is sitting there in multiple gauges to handle the specific task it was created for, but until it is plugged into the proper power source, it is only so much trash. It may look nice, but it can’t accomplish anything on its own volition.

On the surface we recognize this about ourselves, which brings me back to the adapters. Each of us innately knows we need something to keep us going, but we tend to shy away from plugging into the One thing that can bring us to life, God. We attach adapters to ourselves that plug us into things that provide a weak, ill-suited energy to get us running –chasing really- after things we don’t need and that won’t satisfy. We alter our own true nature to become something different than we were created to be. Then, instead of being energized and fulfilled we are left exhausted and drained.

If you will look deep within yourself you will find you were made to fit perfectly into the greatest source of power in existence. This may initially make you feel like you don’t “fit in” with the world around you that screams you have to modify yourself to travel their road.  But by trying to “fit in” with them, you leave yourself unconnected with God. Then, instead of being filled, the world creates an illusion of supply that is in reality draining any hope of the life you truly desire. You plug into things (ambition, status, popularity, wealth, etc.) that promise to fill you, but when you check the meter, they are taking from you. Energy is flowing the wrong way.

You were made to be supplied and provided for by the same power that created everything that is around us. A power that not only gives you the energy to get through a difficult day or season, but a power that can bring the dead to life. I know this power and am a living, breathing (and writing) testimony to what it can do. Because I was dead and am now alive. Not sick or wounded, but dead and without hope. Propped up on a weak and false diet of lies that never intended to deliver on what they promised. And paradoxical as it is, I had to unplug from all the self-serving things in my life and leave myself exposed so that God, through His Son Jesus, could plug me back in to Him.

Whatever it is you’re chasing, whatever it is you have tied yourself to – to keep going – if it’s not God it has altered who you were meant to be. As strange as it may sound to you, He said when we are weak, He makes us strong. We have to embrace our dependence on Him and trust Him fully to make us into something we could never know was possible. So unplug from what the world is selling you. Strip off those adapters that have you so disfigured from the beauty He created. Look to Jesus and let His energy and light flow through you. His love is pure, His mercies never fail, and His power will last forever. Plug in to Him.